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Dine with a local

From a roundtable dinner with a local Spanish family to a summer BBQ at a Roman rooftop to a teppanyaki in a traditional Japanese home: have a unique local dining experience in the city you are travelling to.

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What guests are saying

Pauline, Hong Kong

“Thanks for the great dinner and the host, Alessandra was amazing.”

Pitor, Warsaw

“It was a real pleasure! Thanks a lot!”

Lakshmi, Dubai

“It was an incredible experience spending dinner time with Petra. She was a great host and the food tasted wonderful.”

Karolina, Warsaw

“Lovely dinner! Let us know when you are in Poland so we could invite you for pierogi& barszcz.”

Sathish, Singapore

“It was an amazing experience to dine with Erinc. The food was great and prepared with much love. it is indeed an awesome programme.”

Grace, Melbourne

“A wonderful experience! Will definitely become a host when I get back to Melbourne!”

Be a host

Invite guests over to your place, cook up a local dish and build new friendships. Share your culture – through food – with people from all over the world.

Create BonAppetour experiences at your very own home: a fun twist to your daily dinner routine.

Become a host